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Who is BizGUIDE Botswana?

BizGUIDE Botswana, is an online business directory that has been created by Visual Impressions Botswana, in order to help finding businesses in Botswana with the goal of improving customer relations between businesses and clients, by making the company’s contact details readily available, clients can get in contact with businesses quicker and that will have an impact on the speed involved in doing business.

Why are listings free?

Listings are free because we target to get as many businesses as possible listed on the website in order to ensure that the directory is extremely comprehensive and useful.

Why must I pay to advertise?

Advertising space is for sale simply because we would like to advertise all the companies listed but in order to avoid complaints from listed businesses and to improve fairness companies will have to pay for advertising.

When was this website formed?

BizGuide Botswana has been in development for the last two years but it has only come onto the market in September 2010, this is when the domain was registered and the website was 1st accessible to the public on the 7th of September 2010.


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